Unique and Historical Jewelry from Temple Mount Jerusalem

Take a piece of Jerusalem with you
Each piece is hand crafted in Israel by our artisans and is a merging of gold, diamond and Temple Mount stone. Explore the Moriah collection of beautifully designed pieces.
Each piece is hand crafted in Israel by our artisans and is a merging of gold, diamond and Temple Mount stone. Explore the Moriah collection of beautifully designed pieces.

 “The view of Jerusalem is the history of the world; it is more, it is the history of earth and of heaven.”

Benjamin Disraeli

Reviews of Our Clients

מוריה בן דוד
13:42 16 Nov 20
קולקציה מדהימה ויחודית🤩 שירות אדיב🙏
Mônica Guia de Turismo Portugues
13:47 06 Nov 20
The best place to have an incredible an unforgettable memory!
Arielle Katz
22:07 17 Sep 20
During a visit to Israel in May 2019, we passed Moriah and a beautiful piece of jewelry caught my eye. Unfortunately, it was Shabbos, the store was closed and we did not have time to come back the following day due to a packed itinerary. I was supposed to be back in Israel in June 2020 and a visit to Moriah was put in the itinerary by my private guide. Unfortunately,COVID scrapped my plans. I finally decided to order something online. I ordered the Ahava necklace in rose gold, and I emailed Moriah about a pair of custom earrings to match – I don’t wear hanging earrings so I asked them to make an existing style into studs – rose gold, Jerusalem stone and a diamond in the center. I just received the package with necklace and earrings and I’m blown away. The pieces are absolutely breathtaking and the custom earrings are exactly my style and what I was looking for. I’m glad to have a piece of Jerusalem, and history, to wear and have with me here in NY. Thank you, Moriah, for the amazing jewelry. I will make it back to Israel and visit your store in person – and perhaps find other beautiful things to enjoy 🙂
Madeline Meléndez
16:05 14 Sep 19
Es un lugar ESPECTACULAR, que sentimiento, Gracias, Soy otra después de ISRAEL.
Tali Regev
19:10 26 Dec 18
I ordered the most amazing stone jewelry pendant for a Bat Mitzva gift and I just love it!
Dmitry Monarev
16:24 20 May 20
Аутентичный магазин красивейших ювелирных изделий с глубоким духовным смыслом и историей. В каждом изделий заложен не только художественный замысел, но и близость к Всевышнему. Ведь каждое изделие имеет кусочек камня с горы Мория (там, где находилось Святое-Святых в Храме, который был разрушен в начале нашей эры; там, где Авраам должен был принести в жертву Исаака и т.д/).Для тех, кто говорит по-русски, спрашивайте Симху. Он так же владеет английским и, конечно же, ивритом. Для португало- и испаноговорящих – спрашивайте Серхио.
Yafit Ben david
11:06 13 Feb 19
special place with special jewelry, moriah collection is the most interesting jewelry i have ever seen
Gago Klugman
19:40 04 Dec 19
The vision behind this beautiful handcrafted jewelry collection is incredible. a very special shop with unique design and very good service. I purchased a pendant for my wife and she loves it, it is a jewelry with great meaning, enabling us to keep Jerusalem close to our heart.
Alon Levi
10:18 13 Feb 19
Never seen such a special collection. The idea behind it and the amazing designs are something you don’t see every day. Bought myself a “Kotel” pendant and I’m enjoying it every moment.
11:06 06 Feb 19
Bought star of David necklace for my mom, she is so happy! Everybody is giving her compliments! Thank you Moriah for a great and unique masterpiece!
Hanna Sles
12:50 06 Feb 19
I purchased this amazing pendant for my nephew on his Bar Mitzvah. I wanted Mike to capture memories and hearts with this amazing Kotel necklace created from the authentic Jerusalem stone from the Temple Mount.
RESTORE infotech
13:19 25 Sep 19
Este lugar fica bem no centro da cidade velha de Jerusalém. Dentro dos muros. Fica em um pátio de uma praça, onde também está exposta a Menorá.
Natalia Friedman
11:35 18 Feb 19
Это мое любимое кольцо!! Очень долго хотела такой подарок. Для меня очень важно значение и из чего сделано мое колечко.
Andre Wajnberg
04:30 21 Oct 19
Beleza e criatividade nas jóias. Pedras históricas encontram jóias em ouro, diamante e prata produzindo originais e belas peças. Procurem pelo Sérgio. Diretor da loja, fala português e espanhol.
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