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Traditional Jewish Art – Utmost Unique & Special Gift In The History Of Presents

Regularly, when we buy traditional Jewish art, we don’t wonder if there is or isn’t a story attached to it. People are inclined to judge jewelry by its aesthetics and cost. After it’s not often that we can buy traditional Jewish art with a fascinating background…

However, at Moriah, all of the Jewish religious art items have unique and engaging stories. There’s a history behind every piece of Jewish wedding art that you buy.

buy traditional Jewish art
buy traditional Jewish art

Moriah Stone Collection: Buy Traditional Jewish Art Made With Jerusalem Stone, Gold, And Diamonds

Moriah Stone Collection is the central collection of the IDC (Israel Diamond Center, a family business of diamonds that’s existed for over fifty odd years). The Moriah Collection stands for a standalone enterprise in fine diamond jewelry.

Jewish Religious Art – Original Creation

The Moriah Collection project was born from a vision by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a famous Israeli jewelry-maker, whose family has dwelled in Jerusalem for over 7 generations. The exclusive jewelry collection conceived by Avi Tavisal to awaken Jerusalem’s outstanding past by shaping The Temple Mount’s antique stones salvaged back to present in a renewed shape is catching everyone’s imagination.

buy traditional Jewish art from Moriah's Jewish art gallery
buy traditional Jewish art from Moriah’s Jewish art gallery

Jewish Art Gallery – Background Story

In 1999, Avi learned about the unauthorized excavation works that brought about severe damage to the Temple Mount. A volunteer sifting hub was put up to save some of the ancient artifacts that were as good as eradicated. A vital contributor to the rescue attempts, Avi had a realization that the holiness of these ancient pieces has the power to connect believers from all over the world with the idea of “Holy Jerusalem.”

When the aforementioned excavations happened, it seemed as though all sacred and significant matter would be disposed of and lost. However, in a blissful turn of events, it didn’t happen. An entirely different thing happened, something that at the time was perceived as a miracle. Therefore, each Jewish wedding art and Jewish jewelry art purchased from Moriah jewelry store in the Old City of Jerusalem is a little miracle, an item that sustained disregard and destruction, a thing of sacredness that lives on.

Jewish Wedding Art – Pure & Distinct

After receiving all the mandatory permits to use stones from the excavation in Jerusalem, Avi went on to realize his idea and so, the one-of-a-kind Moriah Collection was created. Nowhere in the world can a person find Jewish art gallery as special and valuable as that of Moriah. When you buy traditional Jewish art here, you find yourself wondering about what matters more, the diamonds and gold or the plain-looking old elements?

By bringing ancient pieces together and allocating them a special setting, a piece of Jerusalem’s triumphant past comes to life. It’s not just Jewish religious art that you’re getting, but a meaningful and original artifact.

you buy traditional Jewish art and get a meaningful and original artifact
you buy traditional Jewish art and get a meaningful and original artifact

Jewish Religious Art With Legacy

Every element found on the Temple Mnt to be a part of the Collection is cut and categorized, then designed in order to retain its raw purity. Moriah’s craftsmen carefully draft and place the gems and metal in the ancient stone by hand, to form a spellbinding visual content – including Star of David necklaces – unlike anything ever before in a top-end, exquisite collection of diamond jewelry. Jewish art gallery of Moriah comes to fore with a genuine artifact from the Temple Mount that is elegantly paired up with diamonds and gold becoming a unique feature of everlasting legacy and spirituality.

The Moriah Collection amazing produce of deluxe-edition fine diamond Jewish jewelry art interlaces gold, the noblest of all metals, and diamonds, the toughest gems in the world, with ancient Jerusalem Stone to signify the City’s spirit, meaning and extreme sacredness for thousands of years. As inspirational jewelry, the Collection accomplishes this higher objective, by working with exquisite components symbolizing Jerusalem’s persevering strength, importance, and purity.

Jewish religious art
Jewish religious art

Traditional Jewish Art – A 3000 Year Bridge

Moriah is where Abraham welcomed the belief in Monotheism, sowing the seed of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. And now, Moriah is a decorated charm, a work of jewelry, electrifying with its elegance and messages of spirituality. Before you buy this traditional Jewish art, notice how amazing these rock elements are, full of Biblical essence and spirit. The elements in these Hamsa pendants and other jewelry might have been engaged in the erection of the Solomon’s Temple, the 3 thousand years old cobbled streets of Jerusalem, the very same pieces of earth’s surface that our kings, prophets, ancestors and ordinary people of Jerusalem had strode upon.

Jewish Jewelry Art – New Gift With An Old Soul

If only the stone in this Jewish jewelry art could speak, it would be echoing Jewish accounts of the last 3000 years. These masterpieces reverberate the melody Jerusalem’s spellbinding record. Jerusalem is connected to our spirit, to the will of G-d. By purchasing stone jewelry and masterpieces from Moriah, you accept a constant expression of what we believe in and who we are. The Moriah Collection contains limited edition jewelry art items in breathtaking compositions, which are all categorized and registered in a Certificate of Authenticity, certifying the source of the stone from Jerusalem: the city of passion, the Holy City of Peace.

buy produce of Jewish art gallery
buy produce of Jewish art gallery

Never before was there a time when past and present came together in such an accessible way through the craft of jewelry-making. Anyone who wishes to buy traditional Jewish art from The Moriah collection as a Bat Mitzvah gift or for other reasons is going to be a satisfied keeper of a real piece of history. A history that continues to live through immortal beauty and vigor of the stone. You don’t just buy traditional Jewish art but a time-machine that connects us to everything that was, is and will come into being.

Buy Traditional Jewish Art

Product Name: Jewish Gifts Pomegranate Diamonds & Rubies

Product Description: This Jewish gifts pomegranate has been created to revive the traditional Jewish values and cherish your link to generations past and future. It represents the symbols of everlasting heritage and inspiration for individuals, families and mankind.

Price: $114,861

Currency: USD

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