Earrings made in Israel

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golden earrings made in israel

 7 Reasons Why Earrings Made In Israel Is The Utmost Unique And Special Present There Is

Earrings made in Israel Is The Utmost Unique And Special Present There Is ! Usually, when we get  earrings made in Israel we don’t wonder if there is or isn’t a story behind it. People tend approach items of jewelry from an angle of its aesthetics and value, and it’s not without a reason. How often do we see earrings made in Israelor even an entire jewelry collection that has an extraordinary story to tell…?

However, it is different with Moriah because all their earrings made in Israel tell outstanding and compelling tale.  There’s a history to each earrings made in Israel and gold earrings made in Israel.

Circle of faith Earrings
Made in Israel earrings in different designs. all handmade earrings from Jerusalem



Moriah’s Stone Collection: Diamond On Gold – Earrings Made In Israel

Star of david jewelry That Carries Jerusalem Stone At Its Core. The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection is the keynote set of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC), a family-run business of diamonds with over fifty years of experience, Moriah’s Jerusalem Stone Collection embodies a distinctive novelty in fine jewelry. A creation of IDC – House of Diamonds to distribute the deep significance of holding an item with Jerusalem Stone, from the spiritual core of the world, as inspirational faith jewelry – physically keeping the Divine City near them.

Earrings Made In Israel

Gold earrings made in Israel – Uniqueness Is Born The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection enterprise derived from a vision perceived by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a famous Israeli jewelry-craftsman, whose ancestors have lived in Jerusalem for more than seven generations. The extraordinary jewelry collection inspired by Avi Tavisal to resurrect Jerusalem’s outstanding history by arranging The Temple Mount’s archaic stones salvaged back to reality in a renewed form, is capturing everybody’s imagination.

Gold earrings made in Israel – Captivating Background Story In the late ninetees, Avi learned about the unlicensed digs which brought about severe damage to the Temple Mount. A volunteer sifting place was established to rescue at least some of the archaic artifacts which were close to destroyed. An important assistant to the saving efforts, he became aware of something. He realized that the holiness of these historical stones have the power to connect believers from all over the globe with the idea of “Holy Jerusalem”.

It’s wonderful how oftentimes when everything appears to be lost, all of a sudden yet another thing changes it all around for the better. When the aforementioned digs took place, it looked as though all that’s sacred and meaningful will be thrown away and abandoned like some useless trash. However, miraculously , that didn’t happen. Something else did, something that at the time was perceived as a miracle. That’s why, each gold earrings made in Israel bought from Moriah’s store is kind of a miracle, an item that endured disregard and demolition, a piece of sacredness that lives on.

White gold earrings made in Israel
Gold earrings made in Israel Combined with the only Jerusalem stones of their kind



Diamond Earrings Made In Israel Pure & Distinct

After getting all the required permits to use stones from the Temple Mount excavation, Avi set to put his idea into reality and thus, the noteworthy Moriah Collection was born. In no other place in the world can one find
diamond earrings made in Israel as valuable unique as those designed by the jewelers of Moriah. Relics surrounded with yellow, white or rose gold and studded with diamonds.

Every diamond earrings made in Israel raises the question what matters more here, the diamonds and gold or the quiet old fragment? It is pretty stunning what’s unraveling here. By bringing age-old stones which were rescued by the workers in the sifting project next to the Temple Mtn. (aka Mtn. Moriah), and laying them in a special setting anyone who wishes can own a section of Holy City’s triumphant history. You’re getting not just diamond earrings made in Israel but a collectible and genuine relic.

Secret Hearts Earrings
Diamond earrings made in Israel with a golden tuch of Jerusalem



Earrings Made In Israel Jewelry With Raw Integrity

Every stone picked up on the Temple Mnt. to be a part of the Collection is catalogued and cut, then made to preserve its organic purity. Moriah’s knowledgeable jewelers carefully design and inclose the diamonds and gold in the natural stone by hand, to shape an incredible visual content, unlike anything ever before in a high end, exclusive diamond jewelry collection. Jewelry from Jerusalem open with an genuine artifact from the Temple Mount that is neatly conjoined with diamond and gold becoming an one-off thing of everlasting spirituality and heritage.

Moriah’s Collection breathtaking line of special-edition fine diamond bat mitzvah necklace intertwines gold, the noblest metal, and diamonds, the hardest minerals in the world, with Jerusalem Stone to signify the Holy City’s spirit, importance and supreme spirituality for thousands of years. As faith jewelry, the Collection achieves this higher objective, by engaging precious materials mirroring Jerusalem’s persevering strength, importance and saintliness.

Circle of Faith Earringsmade in Israel
Diamond earring made in Israel is the best unique present you can give



Gold Earrings Made In Israel A Bridge Over History

Moriah is the name of the mountain on which Abraham leading to the creation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. at the present, Moriah is a gemmed charm, a piece of jewelry, moving with its beauty and spiritual theme. When looking closely at the moriah hamsa jewelry , you’ll note that these Jerusalem stones are so very special, since every stone holds a religious essence and aspect.

These elements could’ve been engaged in the framework of the three Temples, the 3 thousand years old pathways of the Holy City, the exact same pebbles that our ancestors, kings, prophets and regular Jerusalem folk had walked upon.

Secret Hearts Earrings made in Israel
Each earring made in Israel while thinking of all The little details to make the perfect gift



Diamond Earrings Made In Israel A New Gift With An Old Soul

If only the stones in these necklaces made in Israel  could talk, they would be re-telling Jewish past of the last three thousand years. People who put on this jewelry, resonate  the voice of the stone  and are ambassadors of Jerusalem’s unique history. Jerusalem is linked to the human existence, to the law of the Lord. By wearing the stone jewelry of Moriah, you create a ceaseless indication of who we are and what guides us.

The Moriah Collection comprises limited edition jewelry and stunning arrangements, which are catalogued and enumerated in the following Certificate of Authenticity, proving the source of the stone from Jerusalem: the capital of passion, the Great City of Peace. Never before in the history of jewelry-craft was there a time when past and present met in such an attainable way.

A person who gets a jewlery made in Israel from the Moriah stone collection will be an honored possessor of a verified relic. An account of the past that keeps on living in endless elegance and vigor of the stone. This isn’t only hamsa jewlery from Israel but a bridge in time which links between everything that ever was and will be.



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Authentic Jerusalem Stone Jewelry

The Jerusalem stone has got variations in color, tone and pattern. Sometimes these differences are slight, sometimes they are pretty visible. We expect these variations. In fact, they are a part of what makes the Moriah Jerusalem Jewelry stone authentic, unique and memorial.

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The Jerusalem stone has got variations in color, tone and pattern. Sometimes these differences are slight, sometimes they are pretty visible. We expect these variations. In fact, they are a part of what makes the Moriah Jerusalem Jewelry stone authentic, unique and memorial.


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