The Emunah (Faith) Collection

“If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill .. if i do not remember you, if i do not set jerusalem above my highest joy” Psalm 137
Mankind is driven forward onwards and upwards to seek lofty heights of spirituality. This never-ending search for enlightenment is an integral part of the spirit that guides the design of the Moriah Collection. Round geometrical patterns symbolize the flawlessness of the world we live in and the diamond center symbolizes that centrality of our core beliefs. Each and every peace in the collection is uniquely handcrafted to the highest standards. Every setting is exclusively fashioned with diamond and gold inside the stone using a unique artistic craftsmanship perfected by Moriah throughout the years.


The Emunah Collection

The faith jewelry collection is unique and limited to only 77 pieces which represent a secret spiritual number, especially in regards to Jerusalem. All materials used are scrupulously selected from the three most expensive elements, gold, diamonds and authentic Jerusalem Stone.

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