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More precious than diamonds, more precious than gold…
From Genesis to the Present Day…
You are invited to experience the journey of the holiest stone on Earth

The Moriah Stone – Certified Authentic Stones from the
Temple Mount Sifting Project,
Cast Aside in Jerusalem, Restored to its Grandeur at the Israel
Diamond Exchange
Visit The Moriah Exhibition to discover how the holiest land on Earth came to be
tossed out as debris and was then redeemed by a man of great faith and vision.
The Foundations of Mount Moriah as Art
The Moriah Exhibition is the only one of its kind anywhere in the world. The artist’s
canvas is made of stone. Through his art, he retells the stories of creation, faith, history
and yearning that are embodied by Mount Moriah, from which these stones were
removed. Using only engraving tools, gold and diamonds, the artist and his skilled
craftsmen are able to express and celebrate this rich heritage as never before.

exhibition 1

The Moriah Exhibition of one-of-a-kind artifacts and unique
Moriah Stone Jewelry Collection,

may only be visited in one place in the world… and we invite you to experience it for yourself at:
IDC – Israel Diamond Center – Israel 
Diamond Exchange, Maccabi Building, 1 Jabotinsky Street,
Ramat Gan 52520 +972-3-575-7979
Or visit us at Jerusalem 
7 Beit-El St., Jewish Quarter, The Old City, Jerusalem 97500, ISRAEL,
Tel: +972 2 627 40 50

Opening Hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 10:00 -18:00. Fridays & holiday evenings: 10:00 – 14:00

December – February:
Sunday-Thursday – 10:00 -17:00. Fridays & holiday evenings: 10:00 – 13:00

exhibition 2

ISRAEL DIAMOND CENTER is an official member of the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan. • All IDC’s original & unique designs come with
gemological certificate & international warranty. • Supervised by the Ministry of Tourism, Israel Export Institute & the Standards Institution of Israel.

exhibition 3

Pickup dates by appointment:
Sunday-Thursday: 09:30 – 17:00
Friday: 09:00 – 12:00

For free tickets, contact your
hotel’s reception or call:

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The Jerusalem stone has got variations in color, tone and pattern. Sometimes these differences are slight, sometimes they are pretty visible. We expect these variations. In fact, they are a part of what makes the Moriah Jerusalem Jewelry stone authentic, unique and memorial.


Diamond and gold weights are approximate.
The photo may be enlarged and/or enhanced.


The Moriah hallmark guarantees that the ring from Emunah jewelry collection is handmade and manufactured by highly qualified craftsman.
Fast free worldwide delivery. For complete shipping details, please check our Shipping and Return Policies.


Your questions or feedback are always welcome at Moriah. Get in touch with one of our jewelry consultants who will help you make the right decision.