Fish pendant

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gold fish pendant

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 Unique Fish Pendant

7 Insights Why fish pendant Is The Most Unique. Special Present In The History Of Presents
Regularly, when we get a Fish Pendant we don’t bother to ask whether there’s a story behind it. People tend to see jewelry from an angle of its aesthetics and value, and it makes sense. How often do we hear of a fish pendant or more so, an entire jewelry store that has a meaning…? However, things appear different in Moriah Jewelry because all their fish jewelry tell unusual and beautiful stories.  Behind each fish jewelry and Fish Charm there’s a story.

14K Rose Gold Diamond Pendant
Fine and high quality necklace! our fish necklace is one of a kind



Moriah’s Collection: Daimond In Gold – Gold Fish Pendant That Carries Jerusalem Stone At Its Core

The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection is the flagship collection of the IDC (Israel Diamond Center, a family owned business of diamonds with over 50-odd years of experience, Moriah’s Collection is, in fact, an one-of-a-kind enterprise in diamond fish jewelry . Developed by IDC – House of Diamonds to allow the significance of owning a piece with Jerusalem Stone, from the holy center of the globe, as inspirational jewelry of faith – for those people who want to have the Sacred City close to one’s heartwe have the perfect fish pendant .

Fish Necklaces – Uniqueness Is Born

Fish Pendants Moriah’s Collection venture was created from a vision observed by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a leading Israeli jewelry-maker, whose ancestors have dwelled in Jerusalem for over 7 generations. The breathtaking collection of jewelry brought by Avi Tavisal to resurrect Jerusalem’s distinguished past by bringing The Temple Mount’s archaic stones salvaged back to present in a new form, is capturing everybody’s imagination.

Fish Pendant – Captivating Background

In 1999, Avi learned about the unauthorized digs that damaged the Temple Mount. A volunteer sifting place was put up to recover some of the amazing artifacts which were as good as eradicated. A valued assistant to the rescue attempt, he had an understanding. He perceived that the spirituality of these historical elements have the power to join between individuals from all around the planet with the spirituality of “Holy Jerusalem”. It seems miraculous how sometimes when all seems to fail, suddenly another thing changes it all around for the better.

When the disastrous excavations took place, it looked as though all that is holy and essential will be dumped and gone like some unimportant nonsense. Nevertheless, in a fortuitous turn of events , it didn’t happen. A whole different thing did, something which at the time of its occurrence was perceived miraculous. And so, every fish pendant bought from Moriah’s store is some of a miracle, an item that endured crudeness and bulldozing, a thing of sacredness that gets to keep on living. If your looking for earrings for her birthday we have it all..

Christian diamond necklace 14K White Gold Diamond
Gorgeous Christian fish jewelry diamond necklace



Different From Other Fish Pendants

After receiving all the necessary permits for using stones from the excavation in Jerusalem, Avi went on to put his vision into reality and so, the noteworthy Moriah Collection was created. In no other place in the world can a person find  fish pendant a fish necklace or an kind of fish jewelr as special and important as those designed by Moriah. History surrounded with gold and starred with gems. Every fish pendants makes one wonder what is most valuable here, the gold and diamonds like our gold fish pendant  or the plain-looking age-old element? It is kind of astonishing what’s unraveling here.

By bringing in ancient stones which were cleaned by the volunteers in the sifting project near Mount Moriah (aka the Temple Mount), and laying them in a special structure anyone can be a satisfied owner a sample of Jerusalem’s glorious past. an authentic and collectible relic.  Fish pendant Jewelry With Legacy! diamond ring for him for her or anything you might want we have.

Fish Necklace

Every fragment collected on the Temple Mnt. to be included the daimond pendant for him & Collection is shaped and arranged, then made to retain its natural integrity. Moriah’s craftsmen thoroughly plan and inclose the metal and diamonds in the rock element by hand, to construct an unique visual statement, never before attempted in a high end, exclusive collection of diamond jewelry. Fish charm open with an original rock fragment from Moriah Mnt. that is tastefully joined up with diamond and yellow, white or rose gold becoming an one-off piece of ageless spirituality and legacy.

The Moriah Collection beautiful produce of deluxe-edition fine diamond fish jewelry interweaves gold, the noblest metal, and diamonds, the hardest minerals on the planet, with the ancient Jerusalem Stone to indicate the Holy City’s spirit, meaning and unmatched spirituality for more than 3,000 years. As faith jewelry, the Collection reaches this higher goal, by working with fine ingredients portraying Jerusalem’s lasting durability, importance and saintliness.

Fish pendant with gokd and daimond
Stunning diamond fish charm With incredible handmade engraving



Fish Necklace A Bridge Over History

Moriah is where Abraham leading to the creation of three major faiths. And nowadays, Moriah is a bejeweled talisman, an article of jewelry, gripping with its refinement and themes of spirituality. When looking closely at the fish necklace , you’ll spot that the stone fragments are nothing but extraordinary, since each stone carries a Biblical meaning and sentiment. These elements might’ve been used in the construction of the Solomon’s Temple, the 3000 old cobbled streets of the Holy City, the exact same pieces of earth’s surface that our kings, forefathers, prophets and ordinary Jerusalemites had strolled upon.

Fish Necklace A New Gift With An Old Soul

If only the ancient stone in those fish necklaces could talk, they would be speaking of Jewish past of the last three thousand years. That who put on this special jewelry, reverberates the melody  of the relic and is an ambassador of Jerusalem’s spellbinding chronicle. Jerusalem is attached to our energy, to the will of G-d. Moriah’s stones, you get a constant indication of what we believe in and who we are. The Moriah Collection is embodied through limited edition jewelry in creative compositions, which are registered and numbered in the Certificate of Authenticity, verifying the origin of the stone from Jerusalem: the city of passion, the Holy City of Peace.

Gold fish pendant
A beautiful gold Fish Pendant with a handmade engraving



Never in the known history of jewelry-making was there a time when past and present united in such an attainable way. Anyone who buys a pendant fish from the Moriah stone collection will be an honored keeper of a genuine piece of history. Pendant fish, an account of the past that continues through enduring elegance and vigor of the stone. This isn’t only fish pendant but a time-capsule that joins between all that has ever existed, is and will be.



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Authentic Jerusalem Stone Jewelry

The Jerusalem stone has got variations in color, tone and pattern. Sometimes these differences are slight, sometimes they are pretty visible. We expect these variations. In fact, they are a part of what makes the Moriah Jerusalem Jewelry stone authentic, unique and memorial.

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The Jerusalem stone has got variations in color, tone and pattern. Sometimes these differences are slight, sometimes they are pretty visible. We expect these variations. In fact, they are a part of what makes the Moriah Jerusalem Jewelry stone authentic, unique and memorial.


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