Gold diamond cufflinks

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gold diamond cufflink

Gold diamond cufflinks | gold and diamond cufflinks | white gold diamond cufflinks | 14k gold diamond cufflinks | Rose gold diamond cufflinks | Mens gold diamond cufflinks | Yellow gold diamond cufflinks

Gold Diamond Cufflinks are Unique & Special

Normally, when we purchase gold and diamond cufflinks we don’t think to ask if there is a story behind it. People are inclined to see items of jewelry from a point of view of its monetary value and use, and there’s a good reason for it. How frequently do we see gold and diamond cufflinks or even more so, an entire jewelry store with a fascinating…? Nevertheless, things are different in Moriah Jewelry because all their gold and diamond cufflinks have extraordinary and engaging story.  There’s a stories to each white gold diamond cufflink and 14k gold diamond cufflinks.

Yellow gold diamond cufflinks
Yellow gold diamond cufflinks

The Moriah Stone Collection: Gold and diamond cufflinks Carry Authentic Jerusalem Stone At Its Core

 The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection is the central assembly of the IDC (Israel Diamond Center), a family-run business of diamonds that’s existed for more than fifty odd years, Moriah’s Collection embodies a distinctive enterprise in diamond jewelry. Born in IDC – House of Diamonds to invite into the profound experience of holding a jewel with authentic Jerusalem Stone, from the sacred core of the globe, Israeli Gold Jewelry as stirring faith jewelry – physically holding the Divine City near them.

white gold diamond cufflinks
White gold diamond cufflinks

White gold diamond cufflinks – Uniqueness Is Born

The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection adventure derived from a vision observed by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a well-known Israeli jewelry-designer, whose ancestors have dwelled in Jerusalem for hundreds of years. The breathtaking collection of jewelry conceived by Mr. Tavisal to resurrect Jerusalem’s glorious days by arranging The Temple Mount’s antique rubble surfaced back to reality in a changed shape, is catching everybody’s imagination.

14k Gold Diamond Cufflinks – Captivating Background Story

In the late ninetees, Avi learned of the unauthorized digging which brought about severe damage to the Temple Mount. A sifting hub was arranged to salvage at least part of the historical findings which were close to wrecked. A vital assistant to the rescue attempts, he had an understanding. He saw that the spirituality of these archaic elements can join individuals from all around the globe with the idea of “Holy Jerusalem”. It’s fascinating that at times when everything deems to fail, all of a sudden another thing turns it all around for the better.

gold diamond cufflinks
Gold and diamond cufflinks

When the unlicensed digs occurred, it felt as if all that is sacred and significant will be discharged and obliterated like some insignificant nonsense. But, miraculously , that didn’t happen. An entirely different thing happened, something which at the moment of its occurrence appeared miraculous. Judaica Jewelry from Israel..  And so, 14k gold diamond cufflinks brought from Moriah Jewelry and Judaica is somewhat of a miracle, an artifact that got through bluntness and destruction, a fraction of sacredness that lives on. Unique gold jewelry from Israel.

Rose gold diamond cufflinks
Rose gold diamond cufflinks

Mens gold diamond cufflinks Pure & Different

After getting all the mandatory permits for using stones from the excavation in Jerusalem, Avi started to carry out his idea and thus, the remarkable Moriah Collection was created. Nowhere on the planet can a person see Mens gold diamond cufflinksas special and important as those designed by the jewelers of Moriah. Historical artifacts outlined in 18K gold and starred with precious stones.Rose gold diamond cufflinks make people ask what is most valuable in this case, the gold and diamonds or the plain-looking old element? It’s pretty astonishing what’s unraveling here.

round 14k gold diamond cufflinks
Round 14k gold diamond cufflinks

By bringing in antique elements rescued by the sifting project workers at the Temple Mtn. (aka Mtn. Moriah), and arranging them in an unique shape anyone who wants can be a satisfied owner a sample of Holy City’s great past. an original and genuine artifact. A Gift from Israel..

Yellow gold diamond cufflinks That Matter

Every piece of rock picked up on the Temple Mnt. to be a part of the Collection is categorized and shaped, then made to conserve its native purity. Moriah’s knowledgeable artisans scrupulously draft and place the gems and metal in the rock element manually, to form a spellbinding visual testimony, unlike anything ever before in a high end, exquisite collection of diamond jewelry.

Yellow gold diamond cufflinks open with an genuine relic from Moriah Mnt. that is tastefully married with diamond and yellow, white or rose gold becoming a noteworthy thing of everlasting spirituality and heritage.

Rose gold diamond cufflinks A Biblical Bridge

Moriah is where Abraham concluding in the creation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. nowadays, Moriah is a gemmed charm, an article of jewelry, electrifying with its style and themes of spirituality. Looking closely at the Rose gold diamond cufflinks, you’ll spot that the Jerusalem stones are unique, since each and every one of them carries an archaic content and interpretation. These fragments could have been utilized in the erection of the Temples, the 3 thousand years old cobbled streets of the Holy City, the exact same gravel that our ancestors, kings, prophets and ordinary people of Jerusalem had stepped upon.

Gold and Diamond Cufflinks A Present With A Soul

If only the rocks in these gold and diamond cufflinks could talk, they would be telling us a tale of Jewish story of the last three thousand years. That who put on that  jewelry, echoes the call  of the relic and is, in fact, an ambassador of Jerusalem’s unique story. Jerusalem is a place attached to our energy, to the laws of the Lord.

Mens gold diamond cufflinks
Mens gold diamond cufflinks

Moriah’s Collection amazing produce of special-edition fine Yellow gold diamond cufflinks interweaves gold, the most noble metal, and diamonds, the toughest minerals on the planet, with ancient Jerusalem Stone to embody the Holy City’s spirit, sense and unmatched spirituality for thousands of years. As inspirational jewelry, the Collection attains this intent, by using exquisite ingredients mirroring Jerusalem’s everlasting fortitude, importance and sanctity.

Ceaseless expression of what we believe in and who we are

The Moriah Collection is made of limited edition jewelry in magnificent arrangements, which are all noted and enumerated in the following Certificate of Authenticity, showing that the stone derives from Jerusalem: the capital of passion, the Great City of Peace. Never yet was there a moment when past and present joined in such an accessible way thanks to the craft of jewelry-making.

gold and diamond cufflinks
Gold and diamond cufflinks

A person who gets a gold and diamond cufflinks from the Jerusalem stone collection is going to be an honored possessor of a genuine relic. An account of the past that keeps on living via immortal elegance and vigor of the stone. This isn’t merely 14K gold and diamond cufflinks but a bridge in time which connects between all that ever was, is and will come into being.

Gold and diamond cufflinks | white gold diamond cufflinks | 14k gold diamond cufflinks | Rose gold diamond cufflinks | Mens gold diamond cufflinks | Yellow gold diamond cufflinks



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Authentic Jerusalem Stone Jewelry

The Jerusalem stone has got variations in color, tone and pattern. Sometimes these differences are slight, sometimes they are pretty visible. We expect these variations. In fact, they are a part of what makes the Moriah Jerusalem Jewelry stone authentic, unique and memorial.

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The Jerusalem stone has got variations in color, tone and pattern. Sometimes these differences are slight, sometimes they are pretty visible. We expect these variations. In fact, they are a part of what makes the Moriah Jerusalem Jewelry stone authentic, unique and memorial.


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