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How Come These Yellow Gold Diamond Pendants Are So Special & Unique

Regularly, when we get to choose yellow gold diamond pendants, we don’t think to ask whether there’s a story attached to it. People inspect jewelry from an aspect of its aesthetics and value, and it makes a perfect sense. How often do we hear of yellow gold diamond pendants or even a whole jewelry collection that has a compelling story to tell…?

Nevertheless, it is different when visiting Moriah because all their gold and diamond pendants have an extraordinary and compelling tale.  There’s a meaningful message behind the gold and diamond pendant designs.

gold diamond pendants with Jerusalem stone
gold and diamond pendants with Jerusalem stone

Moriah’s Stone Collection: Gold And Diamond Pendants That Carry Jerusalem Stone At Their Heart

Moriah’s Jerusalem Stone Jewelry Collection is the keynote set of the IDC (Israel Diamond Center), a family-run diamond business with over fifty years of experience. Moriah’s Jerusalem Stone Collection illustrates a distinctive novelty in fine diamond jewelry. Originated in IDC – House of Diamonds – to share the profound experience of putting on a jewel with a true Jerusalem relic, from the spiritual center of the globe, as inspiring faith jewelry – physically holding the Holy City close to one’s heart.

yellow gold diamond pendants
yellow gold diamond pendants

White Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace- Historical Origins

The Moriah Stone Collection venture derived from a vision recognized by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a leading Israeli jewelry-craftsman, whose family has dwelled in Jerusalem for hundreds of years. Everyone’s imagination is captured by the breathtaking collection of jewelry envisaged by Mr. Tavisal to awaken Jerusalem’s illustrious days by arranging  The Temple Mount’s archaic stones surfaced back to reality in a new form.

white gold diamond pendant necklace
white gold diamond pendant necklace

Rose Gold Pendants With Diamonds – A Curious Background

In 1999, Avi heard about the unlicensed excavations which effected severe damage to the Temple Mount. A volunteer center was established to rescue some of the archaic findings that were as good as eradicated. An important contributor to the rescue attempts, he had a deep understanding of the matter in hand. He realized that the spirituality of these ancient pieces can join believers from all over the globe under the spiritual umbrella of “Holy Jerusalem.”

It seems miraculous how at times when everything appears to be lost, suddenly a new thing turns it all around for the better. When the disastrous excavations took place, it looked as though all that’s holy and meaningful will be disposed of and abandoned like some unimportant rubbish. Nevertheless, luckily, that didn’t happen. An entirely different thing did happen, something that at the moment of its occurrence was perceived miraculous.

rose gold pendants with diamonds
rose gold pendants with diamonds

And so, rose gold pendants with diamonds – Hamsa jewelry or others – bought from Moriah Jewelry and Judaica are a kind of a miracle, an artifact that lived through wrecking and bluntness, pieces of sacredness that live on.

Gold and Diamond Pendant Designs Which Are Purely Different

Having obtained all the necessary permits to use stones from the excavation in Jerusalem, Avi started to put his idea into being and thus, the remarkable Moriah Collection came about. Nowhere else on the planet can one see gold and diamond pendant designs as important and unique as those made by the jewelers of Moriah. Historical artifacts clothed in precious metals and sprinkled with diamonds. Every white gold diamond pendant necklace makes us wonder what matters more here, the gold and gems or the plain-looking ancient element?

gold and diamond pendant designs
gold and diamond pendant designs

It’s kind of amazing what’s unraveling here. By incorporating antique rock elements cleaned by the archeologists in the sifting project next to the Temple Mount (aka Mtn. Moriah), and giving them a jewelry shape anyone who wants can own a fragment of Holy City’s glorious antiquity. It’s never just rose gold pendants or white gold diamond pendant necklace that you’re getting, but a collectible and important artifact.

Yellow Gold Diamond Pendants – Jewelry With Raw Integrity

Every element picked up on the Temple Mount to be a part of the Collection is arranged and cut, then worked on in order to retain its organic integrity. Moriah’s skilled artisans meticulously arrange and place the metal and diamonds in the stone manually, to shape a spellbinding visual content, unlike anything ever before in high quality, limited edition collection of diamond jewelry. Gold diamond pendants open up with an original stone from Moriah Mount. That, elegantly matched with gems and gold, formes unparalleled items of ageless legacy and spirituality to bring to you gorgeous Bat Mitzvah necklaces for adults.

yellow gold diamond pendants jewelry
yellow gold diamond pendants jewelry

Moriah’s Collection breathtaking produce of special-edition, fine gold diamond pendants interweaves gold, the noblest metal, and diamonds, the toughest minerals in the world, with the ancient Jerusalem Stone to symbolize the Holy City’s tenacity, meaning, and unmatched saintliness for thousands of years. As spiritual jewelry, the Collection reaches this higher goal, by interlacing precious components illustrating Jerusalem’s lasting fortitude, worth, and holiness.

White Gold Diamond Pendants – A Bridge From Biblical Times To Ours

Moriah is where Abraham initially adopted the belief in Monotheism, sowing the seed of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. And nowadays, Moriah is a gemmed charm, a work of jewelry, touching with its glamor and religious message. Look closely at the white gold diamond pendants and you’ll notice that the natural stones are so very special, and every one of them carries an archaic essence and perspective.

gold and diamond pendants with Bible verse
gold and diamond pendants with Bible verse

These stones could have been utilized in the framework of the Temples, the archaic streets of the Holy City, the exact same pieces of earth’s surface that our kings, prophets, ancestors and ordinary people of Jerusalem had strolled upon.

White Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace – A New Gift With An Old Soul

If the rocks in these white gold diamond pendants could talk, they would be telling us a tale of Jewish records of the last 3000 years. One who put on this jewelry re-echoes the sound of the artifact and is, in fact, an ambassador of Jerusalem’s phenomenal chronicle. Jerusalem is attached to our soul, to the word of the Lord. With Moriah’s stone jewelry, you obtain a consistent reminder of what guides us and who we are. The Moriah Collection is comprised of limited edition jewelry in stunning compositions, which are all documented and numbered in the Certificate of Authenticity, showing the source of the stone from Jerusalem: the capital of passion, the Great City of Peace. Never before was there a moment when past and present connected in such an approachable way thanks to jewelry-making.

white gold and diamond pendants
white gold and diamond pendants

A person who gets a white gold diamond pendant necklace from the Jerusalem stone collection will be a content owner of a real relic. A past that keeps on living via everlasting grace and character of the stone. These aren’t simply gold diamond pendants but a time-capsule that links between everything that has ever existed, is now and will come into being.

Gold Diamond Pendants
white gold and diamond pendants

Product Name: 18K White Gold Diamond Pendant

Product Description: The unique diamond 18K white gold pendant has been inspired to revive the glamorous past of Jerusalem by bringing the ancient holy stones salvaged from the Temple Mount in their raw cut form. The deluxe edition of is limited. Gold chain: 18k white gold, length 50 cm, average weight 3.85 gr.

Price: $2,146.20 – $2,531.20

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

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