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What Makes These Great Bat Mitzvah Gifts So Very Unique?

Normally, when we are on the lookout for great Bat Mitzvah gifts of jewelry we aren’t inclined to look for a story to go with it. Jewelry is usually observed from an aspect of its visual value and cost. How frequently do we hear of Bat Mitzvah gifts from friends that have meaningful stories stretching far into the past…?

Nevertheless, at Moriah Jewelry and Judaica all jewelry items tell an unusual and compelling story which makes them truly great Bat Mitzvah gifts. When bought at Moriah, the Bat Mitzvah gifts for your best friend won’t be just more of the same all popular Bat Mitzvah gifts.


The Moriah Stone Collection: Traditional Bat Mitzvah Gifts With Jerusalem Stone, Gold & Diamonds

Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection at the heart of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC). The Moriah Collection is a standalone innovation in fine diamond jewelry. Born to share the deep experience of putting on decorations, gold diamond earring for example, with a true Jerusalem relic, it is inspiring jewelry of faith – for all those who want to bring the Divine City close to them.

Great Bat Mitzvah Gifts For Your Best Friend – Original Bat Mitzvah Gifts For Adults

Moriah Stone Collection adventure was born thanks to a vision perceived by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a top Israeli jeweler, Jerusalemite for over 7 generations.

great Bat Mitzvah gifts
great Bat Mitzvah gifts of white gold and sapphire

Great Bat Mitzvah Gifts For Adults – Interesting Background Story

In 1999, Avi heard about the unauthorized excavations damaging the Temple Mount. A sifting hub was put up to save the archaic pieces that were nearly extinguished. An important contributor to the rescue effort, he had a vision. He realized that the sanctity of these age-old pieces has the power to connect people from all over the planet.

When the wrongful excavations happened, it appeared as though everything holy would be discharged and obliterated like a useless waste. However, luckily, it didn’t happen. Something else happened; something that at the time was perceived as a miracle. That’s why, all Bat Mitzvah gifts for adults and  Bat Mitzvah gifts for your best friends bought in Moriah’s store are bits of wonders, samples that got through bluntness and demolition, fractions of sacredness that keeps on living through beautiful Judaica jewelry from Israel.

Bat Mitzvah gifts for adults
Bat Mitzvah gifts for adults

Good Bat Mitzvah Gifts Which Are Pure & Different

Equipped with all the needed permissions to use stones from The Temple Mount, Avi started to carry out his idea, and thus, the phenomenal Moriah Collection came to life. Nowhere in the world can one find good Bat Mitzvah gifts, such as the Hamsa jewelry selection, as meaningful and unique as those created by Moriah. Historical artifacts surrounded by gold and covered with diamonds. These gifts aren’t just good Bat Mitzvah gifts; they also raise the question of growth, of value. They make us wonder what matters more sometimes, gold and diamonds or an uncomplicated fragment, an ancient fragment that is a piece of The Holy Land.

It is astonishing what’s unraveling here. By incorporating antique pieces of stone rescued by the sifting project archeologists near Mtn Moriah and arranging them in a jewelry shape, we can now have to ourselves a section of Holy City’s noble history. You’re buying not only Bat Mitzvah gifts for your best friend but collectible and original artifacts.

popular Bat Mitzvah gifts
popular Bat Mitzvah gifts – white gold and black diamond; good Bat Mitzvah gifts for your best friend

Great Bat Mitzvah Gifts From Friends Who Know That You’d Appreciate Jewelry With Legacy

Every fragment harvested on the Temple Mnt to be a part of the Collection is arranged and cut, then made to keep its organic simplicity. Moriah’s craftsmen accurately plan and place the diamonds and gold in the natural stone manually, to form a fascinating visual assertion, Star of David pendants unlike anything ever before in a diamond jewelry collection. These Bat Mitzvah gifts from friends are starring a genuine artifact from Moriah Mount, neatly married up with diamond and gold.

The Moriah Collection amazing product of special-edition, fine diamond good Bat Mitzvah gifts, entwine gold, the noblest of metals, and diamonds, the hardest of minerals, with the ancient Jerusalem Stone to indicate the City’s strength, sense and absolute spirituality for more than 3,000 years. As religious jewelry, the Collection carries out this higher objective by incorporating components mirroring Jerusalem’s persevering fortitude, significance, and spirit.

great Bat Mitzvah gifts
great Bat Mitzvah gifts

Good Bat Mitzvah Gifts Form A Bridge Between Past And Present

Moriah is the place where the seeds of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were first sewn by Abraham. And now, Moriah is a bejeweled charm, stirring with its glamor and spiritual themes. Look closely at these Bat Mitzvah gifts for adults; you’ll notice right away the breathtaking uniqueness of the rock elements, each one holds a historical spirit and sentiment. These fragments could’ve been handled in the erection of the Solomon’s Temple, the ancient cobbled streets of the Holy City, the exactly same pebbles that our kings, prophets, forefathers and simple folks of Jerusalem had walked upon.

Bat Mitzvah Gifts From Friends – Gifting With A Soul

If the ancient stones in these Bat Mitzvah gifts from friends could talk, they would recall the Jewish story of the last 3000 years. One who wears this jewelry, whether diamond necklace designs or the unique diamond rings or else, resounds the voice of the relic and is, therefore, an ambassador of Jerusalem’s special story. Jerusalem is the one spot on Earth that is invariably related to the human psyche, to the laws of G-d.

traditional Bat Mitzvah gifts from friends
traditional Bat Mitzvah gifts from friends

With Moriah’s stones, you allow for the constant expression of who we are and what guides us. The Moriah Collection comprises limited edition jewelry and magnificent compositions, all noted and numbered in the Certificate of Authenticity, proving the source of the stone from Jerusalem: the city of passion, the Great City of Peace.

Never yet was there a moment when past and present came together in such an accessible way through jewelry-making. Those who purchase this Bat Mitzvah jewelry to be their Bat Mitzvah gifts for adults will be satisfied possessors of a verified object of virtu from Moriah Jerusalem Stone Jewelry Collection. These aren’t only great Bat Mitzvah gifts for your best friend but time-capsules that connect between everything that has ever existed, is and will come into being.

Great Bat Mitzvah Gifts
traditional Bat Mitzvah gifts

Product Name: Star Of David Pendant 14K Yellow Gold Diamond

Product Description: The Star Of David Pendant With The Jerusalem Stone 14K Yellow Gold Diamond has been inspired by the site where Abraham built an altar to G-d, the place where G-d told Jacob that the nations of the world would be blessed through his family, where the L-rd promised to give the Holy Land of Israel as an inheritance to Abraham, Jacob and their offspring. The chain style is offered according to what we have in stock. The chain specification: 14k yellow gold, length 50 cm, average weight 1.8 gr.

Price: $483 – $868

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

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