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Hamsa Jewelry

The hand necklace featuring the eye has become as prevalent as Magen David in the Jewish community, proven majorly by Israeli house and office decor. Jewish Hamsa comes in all shapes and sizes, not all of them affordable to the average buyer. However, if you are willing to invest in a stunning Hamsa, it is well worth it.
A diamond Hamsa makes a perfectly suitable anniversary gift. White gold Hamsa Jewelry will please a Bat-Mitzvah girl, and Hamsa hand pendant gold makes a thoughtful and beautiful birthday gift.

Hamsa Necklace

All of us have the need to feel that we belong and cared for. That is the reason we give each other presents, and that is the reason we like to indulge ourselves and our loved ones with expensive gifts. It shows that we care. Investing in a piece of jewelry such as the diamond Hamsa will bring forth the desire to ward off evil and to protect the wearer; it will also convey your deep caring.
The Hamsa necklace is a beautiful and soulful way to connect to Israel and Jewish spirituality. And if your Hamsa is made of original Jerusalem stone, then this connection will only deepen.

The Meaning of Hamsa

Known also as the Khamsa or Chamsa, the hand of Goddess, the Hand of Miriam, and the Hand of Fatima, this symbol doesn’t skip any of the major religions. The word means ‘five’ and derives from an ancient Semitic language. Although most prevalent throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa, with people moving across the globe and cultures influencing one another as they do, it is now known all around the planet.
What is a Hamsa exactly and how come it is so popular? How come that Hamsa jewelry is such a loved item amongst Jews as well as Christians or that there are Hamsa hands made out of stone, wood, precious metals and diamonds?
Looks like it all comes down to the symbol’s meaning and geography.
Unlike with the horseshoe, it doesn’t affect one’s luck if the Hamsa necklace pendant is facing upside down. Hamsa gold chain around your neck can dangle about, twist and turn while giving you the same amount of luck and protection as if it were standing as a Jerusalem stone masterpiece on your table.
There is no one specific direction in which it should be: facing up or down, this symbol carries the same meaning.
Many a time the Jewish Hamsa will have the word ‘Chai’ incorporated within the eye, above or under it. It gives the amulet extra meaning. The word ‘Chai’ means ‘lives’ in Hebrew and amounts to the number eighteen, which in turn, through Gematria adds up to nine: Chai = 18; 1+8=9. The number nine in Hebrew corresponds to the letter Tet, which stands for ‘Yesod,’ meaning ‘basis,’ and the first word in the Torah, beginning with this letter is ‘Tov’ which means ‘Good.’

Hamsa Symbol

What does the hand symbol mean?
The meaning of Hamsa symbol compares to that of the horseshoe in the West and India, acorns in England, cornicello in Italy, Dala horse in Sweden, dream catcher in the US, the elephant in India and Thailand, four-leaf clover in Ireland, Jin Chan in China, and others.
The Hamsa symbol is an amulet, a talisman for protection and good luck. Often people will hang it by the entrance door at home or wear it around their neck as a pendant or in the form of a good luck charm bracelet on their wrist.
When looking to buy faith jewelry from Israel, one will undoubtedly come across a Hamsa necklace. There are breathtaking designs of the diamond Hamsa, Jerusalem stone Hamsa, white gold Hamsa, and other Hamsa jewelry.
Israeli jewelry designers go to town with this symbol: since the meaning of Hamsa is one of abundance, they’re using it as suggested, with myriad materials and styles.

Hamsa Symbol
Hamsa Necklace From Judaica Jewelry Designers

Jewish Hamsa Necklace – Hamsa Hand Pendant

Since finding its way into Judaism, the Hamsa put down strong roots. When in Israel, there is no escape from encountering this symbol. It is everywhere. Even though it’s possible that this symbol isn’t originally religious, it has become an inherent part of the traditional Jewish symbolism. There are lucky hands that include the Shema, the Road prayer, Star of David, the letter ‘Shin’ which is the first letter of one of the names of G-d, and other Jewish attributes.
This sign appears when walking into a bank, a shop, a taxi, a fanciful event at a luxurious hotel, a solicitors’ office, and even a government office. With its meaning answering such basic human needs like reassurance and protection, it is no wonder this symbol blankets vast societal breadths.

Diamond Hamsa Jewelry

Some Hamsa jewelry from Israel, like the pieces from Moriah Jewelry and Judaica store, will invariably amount to an impressive gift for any occasion.
If you want to make a worthy present and looking to purchase a stunning piece of jewelry that holds meaning beyond the obvious, a diamond Hamsa made in Israel might be the right choice for you.
The Jewish Hamsa is a beautiful and widespread symbol that is favored by Christians as well as Jews, and people from both religions enjoy wearing the Hamsa necklace.
Many Christians favor Jewish symbolism, finding it resonating with their feelings towards Jesus’s birthplace. It is true with clear-cut Biblical symbols as well as those that are more traditional and void of strict religious associations.
Hamsa is held dear by the Jews, having derived from unknown source previous to any religion known today and considered as sacred because of its powers. In addition to being a good luck charm, it can be a gorgeous piece of hamsa hand pendant jewelry the likes of 14k gold Hamsa pendant or white gold Hamsa or diamond Hamsa.
The Hamsa jewelry can be seen on everyone and everywhere, regardless of their religious views, unifying human desires and hopes into central universal focus on staying safe, healthy and lucky.

diamond hamsa pendant
Famous Israeli Jewelry Designers: Diamond Hamsa Necklace

What is Hamsa?

Five is a number identified with good luck and fighting the Evil Eye. It signifies protection and the wisdom of unseen forces in play, hence the eye, which relates to the ‘vision’ of our intuition.
The Torah consists of five books. It is also said by the scholars that Moses ascended Mount Sinai more than once. On his fifth ascent he “approached the thick darkness where God was” (Exodus 20:21) to be given various laws (21-23) as well as a promise that the land of Canaan shall belong to the children of Israel (Exodus 23:20-33).

Hamsa jewelry Masterpiece: Top Judaica Jerusalem

Women and men display the Hamsa jewelry in their daily lives, whether by hanging it on a wall at work, at home, swinging it from a window shield mirror or by wearing it as jewelry. In Israel, it is often a canvas on which other Jewish symbols find their place. The Jewish Hamsa frequently incorporates Magen David or a citation from the Torah.
On many occasions the Hamsa is the chosen gift for a new business, a house moving and such personal event as a wedding or Bat Mitzvah, depending on the selected design and price range of course.
While Hamsa jewelry offers such a variety of layouts and interpretations, someone who loves it and wants to buy it might want to understand better ‘what is Hamsa?’ after all.

Hamsa jewelry | Hamsa Necklace | Hamsa Hand Pendant | Gold Hamsa | Diamond Hamsa | Jewish Hamsa | White Gold Hamsa

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Jewish Hamsa Necklace - Hamsa Jewelry Made of Real Jerusalem Stone!

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Hamsa Jewelry
Hamsa Jewelry

Product Name: Hamsa Diamond Necklace 14K Yellow Gold

Product Description: The hamsa diamond necklace with Jerusalem Stone represents the bell’s dome. The precious diamond inside the holiest stone on the earth is the tongue, word and voice of G-d. When it hits the inner side of the Jerusalem stone, it symbolizes a message: “It’s time to make changes”. The chain style is offered according to what we have in stock. The chain specification: 14k yellow gold, length 50 cm, average weight 1.8 gr.

Price: $483.00 – $627.00

Currency: US dollar

Availability: InStock

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