The Inbal Collection

“The sound of the bells will be heard when he enters the Holy Place before the LORD…” Exodus 28:35
This magnificent collection has been inspired by an Israeli name – Inbal, meaning the clapper inside the bell. The authentic Jerusalem stone represents the bell’s dome – the vault of heaven. The precious diamond inside the holiest stone on earth is the tongue (Inbal), word and voice of G-d. When it hits the inner side of the Jerusalem stone, it symbolizes a message being resonated and delivered to the earth below: “It’s time to make changes”. With the Inbal pendant, a resonating and lingering sound ringing out G-d’s call to/for change will always be close to your heart.


The Inbal Collection

Each Inbal fine jewelry pendant features sparkling diamonds of different clarity range selection to your choice in the center of the item. The diamond framed in pure 14K gold swings in the middle of the authentic holy stone from Jerusalem.

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