Israeli wedding rings

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israeli wedding rings

Israeli wedding rings Connect your souls with your history and heritage. For a holy and loving union with a piece of Jerusalem from the Holy Land

 7 Reasons Why Israeli Wedding Rings Are The Most Special And Unique Ring Ever

Generally, when we buy  Israeli wedding rings for men or Israeli wedding rings for women , neither way  we don’t ask if there is a story to go with it. People usually look at jewelry from an angle of its looks and cost, and it makes a perfect sense. How much do we hear of Israeli wedding rings or even an entire jewelry shop that has an engaging tale behind it…? Nevertheless, things appear different in Moriah Jewelry and Judaica considering that all their Israeli wedding rings are proud owners of outstanding and compelling narrative.  There’s a story behind every Jewish wedding rings and Hebrew wedding rings .

jewish wedding ring
Jewish wedding rings To strengthen the holy connection and blessing from Jerusalem directly from the Kotel


Moriah’s Collection: Gold And Diamonds – Hebrew Wedding Rings With Jerusalem Stone At Its Heart

Moriah’s Stone Collection is the bellwether collection of the IDC (Israel Diamond Center, a family diamond business with over 50-odd years of experience, The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection is, in fact, an one-of-a-kind innovation in fine jewelry. Conceived in IDC – House of Diamonds to share the deep experience of owning an item with Jerusalem Stone, from the holy center of the globe, as heartrending historical jewelry – for believers who seek to have the Holy City near their heart.


Israeli Wedding Rings – An Original Creation

The Moriah Stone Collection adventure derived from a vision perceived by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a leading Israeli jewelry -maker, christmas jewelry and more, whose family has lived in Jerusalem for hundreds of years. The unparalleled collection of jewelry envisaged by Mr. Tavisal to awaken Jerusalem’s illustrious history by delivering The Temple Mount’s age-old holy stones introduced back to present in a changed shape, is catching everybody’s imagination.

hebrew wedding ring
hebrew wedding rings of Aristo. Combine your love with the Creator’s love. and wear a ring that connects you and your roots together


Israeli Wedding Rings – Interesting Background

In 1999, Avi learned of the unauthorized digging which lead to severe damage to the Temple Mount. A volunteer hub was established to save some of the historical artifacts that were as good as destroyed. A vital assistant to the salvation attempts, he had a realization. He figured that the holiness of these historical elements can join followers from all around the planet under the idea of “Holy Jerusalem”.

It’s amazing that sometimes when everything deems to be lost, suddenly yet another thing turns it all around for the better. When the illicit digs occurred, it appeared as though everything that’s sacred and essential will be dumped and lost like some pointless trash. Nevertheless, in a lucky turn of events , it didn’t happen. A whole different thing happened, something that at the time of its occurrence was perceived as a miracle. And so, each Israeli wedding ring bought from Moriah is a little miracle, a segment that got through bulldozing and disregard, a piece of holiness that lives on.

antique jewish wedding rings
antique Jewish wedding ring. if you want to give a ring that is far beyond just a piece of jewelry ..


Israeli Wedding Rings Purely Different

Having received every required permit for using stones from Jerusalem, Avi went on to put his vision into existence and so, the phenomenal Moriah Collection came about. In no other place on the planet can one find  Jewish wedding ringsas special and valuable as those crafted by the jewelers of Moriah. Antiquity surrounded with yellow, white or rose gold and bejeweled with gems. Each Jewish wedding ring raises the question what matters more here, the gold and diamonds or the plain old stone? What’s unraveling here is kind of amazing.

By bringing age-old fragments salvaged by the sifting project volunteers at the Temple Mtn. (aka Mtn. Moriah), and arranging them in a special form anyone who wishes can posses a sample of Jerusalem’s glorious history. You’re getting not just Jewish wedding rings but a scarce and original artifact

antique jewish wedding ring for him
antique Jewish wedding ring for men with pice of the holy Jerusalem stone


Jewish Wedding Rings Jewelry  Matters

Every fragment collected on the Temple Mount to be included the Collection is chopped and arranged, then designed in order to keep its organic simplicity. Moriah’s craftsmen carefully arrange and inset the gold and diamonds in the ancient stone by hand, to create an unique visual statement, unlike anything ever before in a high end, exclusive diamond Israeli wedding rings collection.  Jewish wedding rings come to fore with an authentic artifact from the Temple Mnt.

that is elegantly put together with precious stones and yellow, white or rose gold becoming an one-off thing of immortal legacy and spirituality. Moriah’s Collection gorgeous line of exclusive fine diamond Hebrew wedding rings entwines gold, the most noble of all metals, and diamonds, the hardest minerals on the planet, with the ancient Jerusalem Stone to illustrate the City’s durability, sense and cardinal holiness for thousands of years. As religious Israeli wedding rings , the Collection attains this purpose, by interlacing precious substances symbolizing Jerusalem’s persevering durability, value and purity.

Romantic Diamond Engagement Ring 18K Rose Gold
Antique Jewish wedding ring for women with a With a unique touch of history


Hebrew Wedding Rings A Vision From The Past

Moriah is the place on which Abraham first welcomed the belief in Monoteism, sowed the seed of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. And at the present, Moriah is a bejeweled charm, a work of Israeli wedding rings , holiday jewelry , gripping with its glamor and messages of spirituality. Looking closely at the Hebrew wedding rings , you’ll notice that these natural stones are extraordinary, as each and every one holds a historical meaning and aspect.

They could have been used in the erection of the Solomon’s Temple, the 3 thousand years old courts of Jerusalem, the exact same pieces of earth’s surface that our kings, prophets, ancestors and even ordinary Jerusalemites had stepped upon. You can find pieces of stone in our You can find pieces of stone , rings and more.

israeli wedding rings
israeli wedding rings With engraving letters in Hebrew and stone from the Holy Land


Antique Jewish Wedding Ring A Present With A Soul

If only the rocks in those Hebrew wedding rings could talk, they would be retelling Jewish chronicles of the last three thousand years. That who put on the Israeli wedding rings , echoes the call  of the artifact and is an ambassador of Jerusalem’s incredible story. Jerusalem is related to our heart, to the rule of the Lord. Moriah’s stones, you accept a permanent reminder of who we are and what we believe in.

The Moriah Collection contains limited-edition Israeli wedding rings and creative designs, which are all numbered and noted in the following Certificate of Authenticity, showing that the stone is from Jerusalem: the city of passion, the City of Peace. Never before was there a time when past and present came together in such an attainable way through jewelry-craftsmanship. Anyone who purchases  antique Jewish wedding ring from this collection will be an honored keeper of a true article of virtu. An epic history that keeps on living in immortal beauty and spirit of the stone. It isn’t only antique Jewish wedding ring but a time-machine which connects between all that ever was, is and will come into being.

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Authentic Jerusalem Stone Jewelry

The Jerusalem stone has got variations in color, tone and pattern. Sometimes these differences are slight, sometimes they are pretty visible. We expect these variations. In fact, they are a part of what makes the Moriah Jerusalem Jewelry stone authentic, unique and memorial.

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The Jerusalem stone has got variations in color, tone and pattern. Sometimes these differences are slight, sometimes they are pretty visible. We expect these variations. In fact, they are a part of what makes the Moriah Jerusalem Jewelry stone authentic, unique and memorial.


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