Men’s Jewelry Unique Gifts

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Mens jewelry online

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How I Looked For Unique Gifts And Found Men’s Jewelry Online

Let me tell you about the time when I was looking for men’s jewelry gemstones for my husband. I wanted to get him one of those perfect, unique gifts; 50th birthday, after all, half a century celebration. I spent months looking at gemstone jewelry online, and let me tell you, it was worth it.

unique gifts for men, mens jewelry online
unique gifts for men, mens jewelry online

Unique Gifts for Men

I wasn’t ready to settle for something mediocre, something that didn’t feel completely right. If an item didn’t appeal to me, didn’t beg me to buy it as my mother used to say, I knew my husband wouldn’t like it either. So, I kept on looking.

One Monday morning while browsing the web, as usual, these days, still in a hazy state of don’t talk-to-me-I-only-had-two-cups-of-coffee, I experienced a mini-epiphany.

I saw these cufflinks on what looked like a mens jewelry set page, and I got this feeling that it is going to make it onto my unique gifts for men list.

unique jewelry for men, mens jewelry online - rose gold cufflinks
unique jewelry for men, mens jewelry online – rose gold cufflinks

It wasn’t just another gemstone jewelry set, not another bulky, chunky shining piece of an expensive show-off, none of that. It was something else, I knew it right away, but it still took me another four weeks to settle on a present.

All-in-all, it took two months to find a suitable gift for my Moshik.

Mens Jewelry Online

I took the last swig of my second cup of coffee and decided that this exploration needed its own new, fresh hot drink. The day seemed to brighten up; maybe today will be the day when I will finally set my mind on something concrete to get for my husband’s 50th birthday.

There was one image that chained my attention, and I decided to probe further. It was a mens jewelry online photograph. It had in it everything I was looking for: prestige, class, value, and history. Not just another glimmering knickknack; sorry, but they all end up looking the same.

This set was different: for starters, it was made with original Jerusalem stone, which is already a rare find. Then it had the wailing wall pattern engraved in gold and a beautiful little diamond. Very classy, very stylish, full of taste. In this jewelry set, I could get matching cufflinks, a gold diamond ring, and a necklace, with a black diamond if I wanted. That looked good.

mens jewelry online - Jerusalem stone diamond ring - unique gifts for men
Jerusalem stone diamond ring, yellow gold – mens jewelry online, unique gifts for men

I made a mental note of Moriah Jewelry and Judaica website which is where I saw the Jerusalem stone jewelry set and kept on browsing. I remember thinking that men’s jewelry sets are something Moshe could use and reuse. He could wear it on our daughter’s wedding next year or Haim’s Bar-Mitzvah which is in three months. I mean, gemstone jewelry sets are an investment if I think about it.

So, this year I am not getting him a boat or anything that needs meticulous assembling. We’ll probably need the spare room soon anyway with Leah’s getting married and all, and he isn’t that much into engineering or constructing. What really would be great for my Moshe is to be able to get hold of some ancient artifact, like an original stone from Herod’s tomb or something like that.

Men’s Jewelry Sets

These were the thoughts running through my head while I was still contemplating whether to settle on buying mens jewelry gemstones or opt for a fancy pencil sharpener. So far, I have narrowed my options to something historical, very possibly an ancient item and definitely not a boat. Last year I got him this massive boat that’s supposed to look like the real thing, and he still hasn’t finished building it; it stands there all abandoned, half assembled in his study, taking up a whole table, and we all know how this saga is going to end.

Some people say it’s easy to know what to give as a birthday present to your spouse of forty years because you two know each other so well. How naïve. While it may seem that knowing a person that long should ease the job of finding them a gift, in reality, it isn’t always so. Trouble is by now you have given them any possible present you can think of.

mens jewelry ani ledodi vedodi li - unique gifts for men, mens jewelry online
mens ring rose gold ruby with Bible quote – unique gifts for men, mens jewelry online

After ransacking my memory for the umpteenth time for new ideas, I discovered that the canvas of my mind was as blank as HaNegev’s sky in August. My options of unique gifts for men were dissolving faster than snow in Jerusalem, and irrelevant men’s jewelry sets kept popping up on the screen until it all looked to me like a glimmering blur. I was close to despair.

All that was left for me to do at that moment was blankly blink and think again. I needed a new approach. So, I began asking myself, ‘What does he like now as opposed to last year or the years before? What is so special about this particular birthday as opposed to all the others?’

I churned and urged my imagination to come up with something new, valuable and meaningful.

Diamond Ring for Men

That’s when I turned for inspiration to Moshe’s favorite hero – Mr. Bond, James Bond, and his film ‘Diamonds Are Forever.’

What got me, in the end, was the image of a particular mens jewelry, gemstones set: rose gold 18k, 0.07ct. diamonds and authentic ancient stone. I mean, diamond 007? Spot on the mark, right? That’s what gave me the final idea.

mens jewelry rose gold 18k
Diamond rose gold ring Jerusalem stone

I’ve always called Moshik a diamond in the rough. He is not offended by it; he knows I love him. Then why don’t I get him some high standard, excellent quality diamond jewelry with an authentic piece of history in it? He’s not much of a jewelry man, that’s true, but that could be because I never bought him any, not a single Magen David necklace; I should change that perhaps. Maybe he’s simply not the kind of a guy that would buy it for himself. He likes a touch of style, and he loves his old cufflinks. Why don’t I spruce up his man-jewelry box a tad?  I know that if he saw this diamond ring for men, he’d be a smitten kitten.

Gemstone Jewelry

I feel delighted now with my purchase. Men’s jewelry online, who would’ve thought! I am so pleased, though. Can’t wait to give it to Moshik in five days. This gemstone jewelry I got him is something I would’ve liked myself, which tells me it’s a perfect present.

mens jewelry unique gifts - white gold cufflinks with diamonds
mens jewelry unique gifts – white gold cufflinks with diamonds

I showed it to my father-in-law yesterday, and he approved. Said he’ll tell his wife to get him one too. I laughed. But as they say, there is truth in every joke. Next time it’s their anniversary, I might buy him and his wife a necklace each.

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The Jerusalem stone has got variations in color, tone and pattern. Sometimes these differences are slight, sometimes they are pretty visible. We expect these variations. In fact, they are a part of what makes the Moriah Jerusalem Jewelry stone authentic, unique and memorial.


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