necklaces made in israel

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made in israel necklaces

 7 Points How Come necklaces made in israel Is The Most Unique Gift In The History Of Gift

Usually, when we purchase a necklaces made in israel we aren’t inclined to wonder whether there’s a story attached to it. We enjoy items of jewelry from a point of view of its cost and looks, and it’s not without a good reason. How often do we see a necklaces made in israel or more so, a whole jewelry store with an engaging story behind it…? However, things are looking different with Moriah Jewelry and Judaica because all of their necklaces made in israel are proud owners of outstanding and compelling stories.  Every necklaces made in israel and star of david pendant made in israel has a story.

hamsa necklace made in israel
made in israel hamsa necklace Made of Jerusalem stone combined with a diamond for sparkling


Moriah’s bat mitzvah jewelry  Collection:  Diamond On Gold – necklaces made in israel That Carries Jerusalem Stone At Its Heart  Moriah’s Stone Collection is the flagship collection of the IDC (Israel Diamond Center, a family-run business of diamonds with over 50-odd years of experience, The Moriah Stone Collection illustrates an unequaled innovation in diamond jewelry.

Another idea for a bat mitzvah presents is from Originated in IDC – House of Diamonds to distribute the profound significance of wearing a jewel with authentic Jerusalem Stone, from the holy core of the world. as stirring jewelry of faith for those who want to hold the Holy City close to one’s heart jewelry made in israel is the best.

Star of david pendant made in israel – Uniqueness Is Born

The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection project originated from a vision created by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a well-known Israeli jewelry-designer, whose ancestors have dwelled in Jerusalem for hundreds of years. Everyone’s imagination is caught by the beautiful jewelry collection brought by Mr. Tavisal to awaken Jerusalem’s illustrious days  by shaping  The Temple Mount’s archaic   rubble  introduced  back to reality  in a renewed  shape.

star of david necklaces Magen David Pendant
star of david necklaces made in israel . a pice from Jerusalem Magic

Star of david pendant made in israel – Interesting Background

In the late ninetees, Avi heard about the unlawful digs which damaged the Temple Mount. A place was arranged to recover some of the archaic artifacts that were almost wrecked. An important assistant to the conservation effort, he had a vision. He saw that the holiness of these historical stones is able to link between followers from all over the planet under the spiritual idea of “Holy Jerusalem”. It is fascinating that oftentimes when all seems to be lost, all of a sudden a new thing turns it all around for the better.

When the illegal excavations happened, it seemed as if everything that is sacred and essential will be discarded and lost like some meaningless litter. But, fortuitously , it didn’t happen. Something else did, something which at the time appeared miraculous. Therefore, each star of david pendant made in israel purchased from Moriah’s store is a little miracle, a segment that survived bluntness and bulldozing, a tad of sanctity that lives on.

Star of david necklaces made in israelPure And Distinct

Equipped with every required permit to use stones from the Temple Mount excavation, Avi began to carry out his idea and so, the phenomenal Moriah Collection came to exist. Nowhere on the planet can one see  star of david necklaces made in israel as important special as those made by the jewelers of Moriah. History outlined in 18K gold and studded with gems. Each diamond star of david in the star of david necklaces made in israel raises the question what matters more in this case, the gold and diamonds or the plain age-old stone?

What’s unraveling here is kind of amazing. By integrating age-old rock elements cleaned by the archeologists in the sifting project at Mtn Moriah (aka the Temple Mount), and allocating them an unique shape anyone who wants can be a satisfied owner a part of Jerusalem’s remarkable antiquity. It’s never merely star of david necklaces made in israel that you’re buying, but an important and valuable relic artifact.

Trio Star Pendant made in israel pendant
star of david pendant made in israel an amazing made in jerusalem gift

Star of david necklaces made in israel Jewelry With A Statement

Every fragment picked up on Mount Moriah to be included the Collection is shaped and catalogued, then made to preserve its natural simplicity. Moriah’s craftsmen meticulously plan and inset the diamonds and metal in the ancient stone by hand, to shape an incredible visual statement, never previously undertaken in a top quality, exquisite collection of diamond jewelry. star of david necklaces made in israel come to fore with an genuine stone from Moriah Mount that is graciously paired up with diamond and yellow, white or rose gold presenting a singular item of immortal legacy and spirituality.

Moriah’s Collection amazing produce of exclusive fine diamond star of david pendant made in israel intertwines gold, the noblest metal, and diamonds, the toughest minerals on the planet, with Jerusalem Stone to symbolize the City’s durability, sense and extreme saintliness for more than 3,000 years. As spiritual jewelry, the Collection reaches this higher intent, by incorporating precious materials representing Jerusalem’s enduring durability, value and sanctity.

David at Heart Pendant
israel david at Heart Pendant fool with gold and daimonds drops With the scent of Jerusalem

Hamsa necklace made in israel A Biblical Bridge

Moriah is the mountain on which Abraham first welcomed the belief in Monoteism, sowed the seed of three principal faiths. nowadays, Moriah is a bejeweled amulet, an item of jewelry, inspiring with its glamor and religious theme. Have a good look at the hamsa necklace made in israel , you’ll notice that the stone fragments are extraordinary, since each stone holds an archaic essence and perspective. diamond hamsa hand neacklace is one of tham

These fragments might’ve been utilized in the building of the Solomon’s Temple, the archaic streets of Jerusalem, the exactly same stones that our forefathers, kings, prophets and regular Jerusalem folk had walked upon. Jerusalem stone jewelry are fool with history

necklaces made in israel 1
made in isresl a golden magen david/ verey Gentle. one of the most pretty jerusalem necklace

 Gifting With A Soul – hamsa necklace made in israel

Hamsa Jewelry From Israel – if only the ancient stones in thesehamsa necklace made in israel could talk, they would be revisiting Jewish past of the last three thousand years. That who wears the  jewelry, reechoes the melody  of the artifact and is an ambassador of Jerusalem’s incredible history. Jerusalem is linked to the human heart, to the word of G-d. By putting on the items of Moriah, you create a consistent indication of who guides us and who we are.

The Moriah Collection contains limited-edition jewelry and magnificent arrangements, which are all recorded and enumerated in a designated Certificate of Authenticity, showing that the stone comes from Jerusalem: the capital of passion, the Great City of Peace. Never yet was there a moment when past and present connected in such an attainable way thanks to jewelry-craftsmanship.

Whoever buys a hamsa necklace made in israel from Moriah’s collection is going to be an honored possessor of a true article of virtu. A history that continues to live in immortal elegance and spirit of the stone. It isn’t just hamsa jewelry hamsa necklace made in israel but a time-machine that joins between all that has ever existed, is and will come into being.



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Authentic Jerusalem Stone Jewelry

The Jerusalem stone has got variations in color, tone and pattern. Sometimes these differences are slight, sometimes they are pretty visible. We expect these variations. In fact, they are a part of what makes the Moriah Jerusalem Jewelry stone authentic, unique and memorial.

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The Jerusalem stone has got variations in color, tone and pattern. Sometimes these differences are slight, sometimes they are pretty visible. We expect these variations. In fact, they are a part of what makes the Moriah Jerusalem Jewelry stone authentic, unique and memorial.


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