The Rocca Collection

“For Your servants take pleasure in her stones, And show favor to her dust”. Psalm 102:14
By tradition, at the summit of Mount Moriah, is the “Foundation Stone,” the symbolic emblem of the world’s creation, and reputedly the site of the Temple’s Holy of Holies, being the supreme embodiment of the relationship between God and the people of Israel. This is perhaps the most colorful representation of the essential nature of the site which some would later claim was the “navel of the world”. The unique Rocca jewelry collection has been inspired to revive the glamorous past of Jerusalem by bringing the ancient holy stones salvaged from the Temple Mount in their raw cut form. The stones are artistically unique, one-of-a-kind pieces eternalizing the Jewish people and their symbols from the Dove of Peace to the Star of David. Step back in time to the Foundation Stone, the biblical birthplace of the earthly world.


The Rocca Collection

Elegant in every way, the exclusive Rocca pendants feature sparkling diamonds in 18K rose, white and yellow gold with the holy raw stone from Jerusalem. Carefully hand-crafted, each diamond pendant is an individual adaptation of the Moriah patented design theme.

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