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7 Points Why Moriah Single Diamond Pendant Makes The Most Unique Present In The World

Generally speaking, when we purchase a single diamond necklace, we aren’t inclined to ask if there’s a story attached to it. People tend to approach jewelry from an angle of its monetary value and use, and it makes a perfect sense. How much do we hear of a single stone diamond necklace or even a whole jewelry store that has an outstanding tale behind it…? Even so, things are different when visiting Moriah Jewelry and Judaica, considering that all of their single pendant necklaces are proud owners of a unique and compelling story. Behind each single diamond pendant, there’s ancient history.

single diamond necklace 14k gold
single diamond necklace 14k gold

Moriah Stone Collection: Gold Single Diamond Pendant Necklace With Jerusalem Stone

Moriah’s Collection is the centerpiece of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC). A family-owned business of diamonds with over 50 years of experience, Moriah jewelry store in the Old City of Jerusalem is, in fact, a rare innovation in fine jewelry. Created by IDC – House of Diamonds – to share the profound experience of wearing an item with a real Jerusalem relic from the divine core of the world as stirring jewelry of faith, it is bringing the Holy City to us.

single diamond pendant necklace white gold
single diamond pendant necklace white gold


Single Diamond Pendant – Uniqueness Is Born

The Moriah Collection originated from a vision perceived by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a leading Israeli jewelry-designer, Jerusalemite for over 7 generations. The extraordinary jewelry collection, envisaged by Mr. Tavisal to rekindle Jerusalem’s distinguished past, is rearranging The Temple Mount’s antiques and introducing them back to reality while capturing everyone’s imagination.

Single Stone Diamond Necklace – Fascinating Background Story

In the late nineties, Avi learned about the damaging, illegal excavations on the Temple Mount. A volunteer sifting hub was put up to save some of the ancient treasures which were close to extinguished. A vital assistant to the salvage team, he understood something. He realized that the holiness of these age-old elements has the power to link believers from all over the world under the spiritual umbrella of “Holy Jerusalem.”

single stone diamond necklace
single stone diamond necklace

When the digs took place, it seemed as though sacred and significant items would be discharged and lost like some unnecessary junk. However, miraculously, that didn’t happen. An entirely different thing did, which at the time looked like a miracle. And so, each single diamond necklace with stone bought from Moriah store is kind of a miracle: an article that survived bulldozing and disregard, a piece of sanctity that lives on.

 Single Pendant Necklace Pure And Different

Having obtained every necessary permit to use stones from the Temple Mount excavation, Avi went on to put his idea into existence and so, the unique Moriah Collection came into being. In no other place on the planet can a person find a single pendant necklace as unique and meaningful as those crafted by Moriah’s jewelers. Historical artifacts surrounded by precious metals and studded with beautiful gemstones. Every single pendant necklace makes us wonder what is most valuable in this case, the gold and gems or the uncomplicated ancient stone? It is stunning what’s happening here.

single diamond necklace yellow gold
single diamond pendant yellow gold

By incorporating ancient fragments which were prepared by the sifting project volunteers next to the Temple Mtn (aka Mount Moriah) and allocating them a jewelry setting, anyone can own a segment of Holy City’s great antiquity. You’re buying not merely a single diamond pendant necklace but a collectible and original artifact.

Single Stone Diamond Necklace Jewelry With Legacy

Every piece found on the Temple Mount for the Collection is sorted and shaped, then worked on to maintain its organic purity. Moriah’s knowledgeable jewelers scrupulously arrange and set the gold and gems in the natural stone by hand, to construct an astonishing visual assertion, unlike anything attempted previously in a top-quality, exquisite collection of diamond jewelry. It is so for Star of David jewelry, Hamsa jewelry, and all of the other gorgeous and spiritual items featured in the store.

single diamond pendant necklace black diamond
single diamond pendant necklace black diamond

Single stone diamond necklace comes to fore with an authentic rock fragment from Moriah Mnt, graciously united with gems and gold, becoming a single feature of everlasting heritage and spirituality. The Moriah Collection stunning produce of deluxe-edition exquisite diamond pendant necklace entwines gold, the noblest metal, and diamonds, the hardest minerals in the world, with the ancient Jerusalem Stone to indicate the Holy City’s spirit, importance, and absolute sanctity for more than 3,000 years. As religious jewelry, the Collection carries out this higher intent by using fine materials symbolizing Jerusalem’s enduring courage, worth, and holiness.

white gold single diamond pendant with Jerusalem stone
white gold single diamond pendant with Jerusalem stone

Single Diamond Pendant – A 3000 Year Bridge

Moriah is the name of the place on which Abraham initially accepted the notion of Single G-d and sowed the seed of three major faiths. At present, Moriah is a bejeweled talisman, an article of jewelry, inspiring with its beauty and spiritual themes. Look closely at the single diamond necklace; you’ll notice right away that the Jerusalem stones are nothing but extraordinary as each one of them holds an ancient connotation and perspective. These elements might’ve been handled in the framework of the Solomon’s Temple, the 3000 old cobbled streets of the Holy City, the boulders that our kings, ancestors, prophets and simple folks of Jerusalem had walked and touched.

Single Diamond Necklace – A New Gift With An Old Soul

If the rocks in these single diamond necklaces could speak, they would be telling us a tale of the Jewish story for the last 3000 years. She and he who puts on this jewelry, resonate the sound of the relic and is, therefore, an ambassador of Jerusalem’s spellbinding historical accounts. Jerusalem is attached to our soul, to the rule of G-d, and with Moriah’s stone jewelry, you beget a continual reminder of who we are and what guides us.

single diamond necklace pendant rose gold
single diamond necklace pendant rose gold

The Moriah Collection comprises limited edition jewelry in grand designs, which are all noted and specified in the Certificate of Authenticity, verifying that the stone derives from Jerusalem: the place of passion, the Holy City of Peace. Never before in the known history of jewelry-making was there a time when past and present met in such an approachable way. That who purchases a single diamond necklace from this collection is going to be a contented possessor of an original object of virtu.  Antiquity that continues in endless beauty and character of the stone makes for tremendous Bat Mitzvah gift. It isn’t only a single diamond necklace but a bridge in time which connects us all to everything that has ever existed, is and will be.

Single Diamond Pendant

Product Name: 14k Gold Hamsa Necklace And Diamond

Product Description: The 14k gold hamsa necklace with Jerusalem stonerepresents the bell’s dome. The precious diamond inside the holiest stone on the earth is the tongue, word and voice of G-d. When it hits the inner side of the Jerusalem stone, it symbolizes a message: “It’s time to make changes”. The chain style is offered according to what we have in stock. The chain specification: 14k yellow gold, length 50 cm, average weight 1.8 gr.

Price: $483 – $627

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

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