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Unique Engagement Rings With The Jerusalem Stone At Judaica Stores

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An engagement is one of the most important occasions for all, as it starts a new journey in our lives. For this reason, people usually want to make their engagement unforgettable with unique diamond rings.


An engagement ring is more than just a sparkling show of affection. It’s a symbol of commitment, legacy and heritage. And there is no engagement ring more unique and memorable than a diamond ring with the Jerusalem stone from Moriah jewelry collection created by a famous Israeli jewelry designer – Avi Tavisal, and available in the most Judaica Stores worldwide, including Judaica Stores Los Angeles, as well as Judaica Stores NYC.


Most Memorable Engagement Rings Made In Israel Available In Judaica Stores Los Angeles
& Judaica Stores in NYC


Symbolic Engagement Rings From Judaica Stores

When a soul comes to this world, it is divided into two halves, and the goal is to find the second half. The heart consists of two question marks, because only with a sense of heart a person can find the second part. Our diamond engagement ring from Amore collection will help you get the answers to all questions.

engagement rings at judaica stores
18K Rose Gold Diamond Ring With The Jerusalem Stone

Hebrew Engagement Rings

In Hebrew the word for love is “Ahava.” The root of Ahava is Hava, which literally means to offer or to give. It also shares a root with the word, Ahav, which means to nurture, or to devote completely to another. Our Ahava diamond engagement ring is not an emotion, it’s an action. It embodies love in its purest form when we give of ourselves. Also available at the Judaica Stores Los Angeles and Judaica Stores NYC.

Hebrew Engagement Ring
White Gold Unique Engagement Ring With The Jerusalem Stone

Love engagement ring

The handcrafted diamond engagement ring “Love” with the Jerusalem stone from the Temple Mount establishes undeniable uniqueness and timeless tribute to passionate romance. This unique engagement ring will make every day a declaration of love and heritage from the heart of the whole world.

Love engagement rings
Rose Gold Engagement Ring From Judaica Stores Los Angeles

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

This unique engagement ring with diamonds and Jerusalem stone is created in the shape of a disguised Star of David. In this ring this symbol represents the merging of the male and the female, the elements of fire and water. This is for sure the best choice if you are looking for protection against evil spirits.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring
18K Rose Gold Diamond Ring From Judaica Stors NYC

White Gold Engagement Rings: Reversible Ring

This unique flip ring is a two sided ring. The diamond in the center on one side symbolizes the centrality of our core beliefs and values. The second side is presented in the shape of the Star of David. The round geometric pattern embodies the flawlessness of love. The power of faith and deep love is expressed with the holiest stone in the world – Jerusalem stone.

White Gold Engagement Rings
18K Reversible Ring Available In Judaica Stores


If you didn’t find our unique engagements rings with the Jerusalem stone in the Judaica stores Los Angeles, Judaica stores in NYC, do not hesitate to contact us, we ship memorable engagement rings to the USA free of charge.


The Tavisal Family is proud to introduce the Moriah Collection, the “crown jewel” of our family-based diamond business IDC Ltd. (Israel Diamond Center).

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