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7 Reasons  How Come Unique Israeli Jewelry Is The Utmost Unique And Special Present In The World

Regularly, when we get unique Israeli jewelry or unique Jewish jewelry  we aren’t inclined to ask if there’s a story to complement it. We usually enjoy a piece of jewelry from a perspective of its visual value and cost, and there’s an explanation for it. How often do we hear of unique Israeli jewelry or even more so, an entire jewelry collection that has an engaging tale behind it…? Nevertheless, it is different when visiting Moriah Jewelry and Judaica for the reason that all their unique Israeli jewelry are proud owners of unusual and engaging stories.  There’s a story behind unique Israeli jewelry and unique jewish pendants.

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 Moriah’s Stone Collection: Gold And Diamonds – Unique Jewish Pendants With Jerusalem Stone At Its Heart

The Moriah unique Jewish jewelry Stone Collection is the flagship assembly of the IDC (Israel Diamond Center, a family-owned business of diamonds with over fifty odd years of experience, Moriah’s Jerusalem Stone Collection exemplifies a rare enterprise in diamond jewelry. Conceived in IDC – House of Diamonds to invite into the significance of wearing a jewel with authentic Jerusalem Stone, from the spiritual core of the world, as stirring historical jewelry – for all those who seek to have the Sacred City closer to their heart.

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Unique Jewish Rings – Uniqueness Is Born

The Moriah Jerusalem unique Jewish jewelry Stone Collection enterprise derived from a vision perceived by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a prominent Israeli jewelry-designer, whose family has dwelled in Jerusalem for hundreds of years. The rare collection of jewelry inspired by Mr. Tavisal to awaken Jerusalem’s renowned days by presenting The Temple Mount’s age-old holy stones introduced back to life in a new shape, is catching everyone’s imagination.

Unique Jewish Necklaces – Background

In 1999, Avi learned of the unauthorized excavation works which effected severe damage to the Temple Mount. A volunteer center was put up to rescue at least part of the amazing artifacts that were close to destroyed. An important contributor to the salvation attempts, he grasped something. He perceived that the spirituality of these historical pieces is able to bring together individuals from all over the planet under the spiritual umbrella of “Holy Jerusalem”.

It’s amazing how oftentimes when all deems to be lost, all of a sudden another thing changes it all around for the better. When the unlicensed excavations happened, it seemed as if everything that is holy and meaningful will be discarded and abandoned like some meaningless litter. But, in a fortuitous turn of events , it didn’t happen. Something else happened, something that at the time was perceived miraculous. That’s why, all unique Jewish necklaces bought from Moriah is a little miracle, a fragment that survived demolition and disregard, a piece of sanctity that lives on.

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Unique Jewish Jewelry Pure And Different

Having got all the mandatory permits to use stones from The Temple Mount, Avi went on to put his idea into being and so, the extraordinary Moriah Collection came to be. In no other place in the world can one see  unique Israeli jewelry as special and valuable as those produced by Moriah’s jewelers. History outlined in 18K gold and covered with gems.Unique Israeli jewelry makes us wonder what matters more here, the gold and diamonds or the uncomplicated old stone? What’s happening here is pretty amazing.

By incorporating antique rock elements salvaged by the sifting project archeologists next to Mtn Moriah (aka the Temple Mount), and laying them in a wearable structure anyone can own a fragment of Jerusalem’s great history. an original and collectible relic.

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Unique Jewish Pendant Handmade with holy materials from Jerusalem stones on their way from Israel straight to you

Unique Jewish Pendants Jewelry With A Statement

Every stone collected on Mnt. Moriah to be included the unique Jewish jewelry Collection is sorted and chopped, then made to keep its native purity. Moriah’s craftsmen thoroughly draft and inset the gems and gold in the rock element by hand, to create a fascinating visual testimony, unlike anything undertaken before in a top quality, exquisite diamond jewelry collection and Jewish jewelry men . Unique Jewish pendants and antique Jewish rings begin with an genuine relic from the Temple Mnt. that is neatly conjoined with gems and gold becoming a spectacular feature of everlasting spirituality and legacy.

The Moriah unique Jewish jewelry Collection gorgeous line of exclusive fine diamond unique Jewish pendantsentwines gold, the noblest of all metals, and diamonds, the hardest minerals on the planet, with ancient Jerusalem Stone to indicate the City’s tenacity, sense and cardinal sanctity for over 3,000 years. As religious jewelry, the Collection attains this higher goal, by incorporating fine components illustrating Jerusalem’s enduring strength, importance and spirituality.

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Unique Jewish Rings A Vision From The Past

Moriah is the Biblical name of the place on which Abraham leading to the creation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. And today, Moriah is a bejeweled amulet, an article of jewelry, Jewish cufflinks, touching with its artistry and themes of spirituality. Have a good look at the unique Jewish rings , you’ll recognize that the natural stones are so very special, since each and every one of them carries an archaic connotation and angle. These elements might’ve been applied in the building of the Herod’s Temple, the archaic pathways of Jerusalem, the exactly same pebbles that our kings, prophets, ancestors and simple folks of Jerusalem had strode upon.

Unique Israeli Jewelry Gifting With A Soul

If only the ancient stone in our unique Israeli jewelry could speak, they would be recalling Jewish history of the past 3000 years. One who wears this special unique Jewish jewelry , resonates the melody  of the artifact and is, in fact, an ambassador of Jerusalem’s incredible record. Jerusalem is linked to our heart, to the word of G-d. By putting on the jewelry of Moriah, you create a continual expression of what we believe in and who we are. The Moriah Collection comprises limited edition jewelry in creative layouts, which are noted and specified in the Certificate of Authenticity, verifying the source of the stone from Jerusalem: the capital of passion, the Holy City of Peace.

Never in the history of jewelry-making was there a moment when past and present joined in such an attainable way. Anyone who buys unique Israeli jewelry from the Moriah stone collection is going to be a proud possessor of a real historical artifact. An epic history that continues through enduring grace and spirit of the stone. This isn’t just unique Jewish necklaces but a bridge in time which links us to between everything that ever was, is and will be.

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