Our Collections

The Moriah collection has a soul of its own that connects you back through the ages of time. Cherish your link to generations past and future, with this exquisite union of spiritual legacy and timeless beauty.


Love is the most powerful human emotion. It penetrates through each jewelry piece from Amore collection connecting souls together.


The Jerusalem jewelry from Ariel has been inspired by the shape of Magen David symbolizing a powerful artifact of faith

Beit El

This collection has been inspired by El-bethel – the place where the nations of the world got blessing through Jacob’s family.


The never-ending search for prosperity is imbued in the Jerusalem stone jewelry through engravings of eternal symbols.


The never-ending search for enlightenment is an integral part of the spirit that guides the design of the Emunah Collection.


The Song of Solomon resonates in each jewelry bringing the message about the love that we have for G-d, and G-d has for us.


The diamond Eva jewelry has been inspired by the Evangelist symbols of freedom and lively leadership in praise and worship.


The fundamental element of the Inbal collection design is the heavenly and divine voice of G-d resonating all over the world.

Moriah Men

The masculine elegance and glamorous past and future of Jerusalem is implemented together in all the jewelry from the Moriah Men collection.


The symbolic emblem of the world’s creation has become the “Foundation stone” in our Rocca diamond jewelry collection.

Tree Of Life

Our past is like a deep root, the branches are the generations that come after us and the fruit represents our successes.