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Israeli Jewelry Judaica

Israeli jewelry Judaica is what many of us are opting for when seeking to buy a gift from Israel. Handmade jewelry with diamonds from IDC and gold 14 and 18K is seriously quality gold jewelry from Israel. It’ll bring more Jewish history and symbolism into our life, whether we’ll be wearing it daily or only on special occasions.

white gold jewelry from Israel - diamond cufflinks
white gold jewelry from Israel – diamond cufflinks

If you want to present your loved ones back home with gifts, handmade Israeli jewelry will make for a marvelous and thoughtful gift. Whether these are the earrings for your beloved, the set of unique engagement rings for both of you or cufflinks for your brother-in-law, handmade Israeli jewelry Judaica items of Moriah can provide the answer to your quest for beauty and meaning.

Handmade Israeli Jewelry

Israel is unique not only because of its religious situation; it is also a country full of creative minds. The number of creative people in the general population is staggering. Sometimes it feels like everyone is an artist, a craftsman, a poet, a musician, and a dancer. There must be something in the air. Whatever it is, it shows in the handmade Israeli jewelry.

rose gold jewelry from Israel - ruby & Jerusalem stone
rose gold jewelry from Israel – ruby & Jerusalem stone

Handmade Israeli jewelry is full of character, symbolism, and mysticism. In the case of Moriah’s jewelry Judaica, it is equally chock-full of history. Their handmade Israeli jewelry has an authentic Jerusalem stone in its heart and gold with diamonds around. This jewelry is just as unique as the way it came about. The stone is a real historical relic from 3,000 years ago as it was found buried deep in the grounds of Mount Moriah.

Gold Jewelry from Israel

Many families prompt their youngsters to visit Jerusalem and other holy places in Israel before their Bar-Mitzvah or Bat-Mitzvah.

gold jewelry from Israel - diamond, Jerusalem stone and a Bible quote
gold jewelry from Israel – diamond, Jerusalem stone and a Bible quote

Some young couples, too, travel to Israel for Bikur Shorashim in the period between their engagement and wedding to connect with their Jewish spirituality in the place of its origin.

We all know that weddings typically are jewelry-copious events. Jewelry in general and gold jewelry, in particular, make a wonderful souvenir.

diamond & white gold jewelry from Israel - with encapsulated Jerusalem stone
diamond & white gold jewelry from Israel – with encapsulated Jerusalem stone

Those visitors take the opportunity to purchase jewelry to be worn for the occasion, gifts for family members and, of course, something purely Jewish and spiritual to remember the Holy Land by and this visit of theirs for a lifetime.

Jewelry Judaica

Judaica is a vast niche encompassing decorative and useful objects used in rituals daily or on auspicious occasions. Jewelry Judaica is included with these objects.

unique jewelry Judaica - Magen David gold jewelry from Israel
unique jewelry Judaica – Magen David gold jewelry from Israel

Jewelry Judaica is a beautiful testament to the meeting of two traditions: craftsmanship and folklore. Traditionally Judaica includes such symbols like the Shield of David, Menorah, Mezuzah, the scrolls, and other Jewish themes.

Jewish Jewelry of Moriah is adopting all these traditional symbols and renders them intricately designed shapes of beauty made from precious metals and stones.

heart-shaped gold jewelry from Israel: rose gold & diamonds with Jerusalem stone
heart-shaped gold jewelry from Israel: rose gold & diamonds with Jerusalem stone

Moriah jewelry and Judaica expanded the familiar world of Judaica jewelry into more than merely a theme and shape, taking jewelry Judaica to a new level of spirituality. Their jewelry has been committed not just through form, but also materials – authentic Jerusalem stone at the core.

What’s so Special About Gold Jewelry from Israel

For people who appreciate jewelry, this makes the perfect souvenir. Any fan-of-jewelry traveler will attest jewelry as the best keepsake to remember a place by.

It’ll wait loyally in the box to be worn whenever and wherever not collecting dust on the shelf or getting lost among other small objects flying about the house. Jewelry lets us enjoy the best of both worlds – beauty and practicality.

Israel’s daily life undoubtedly reflects the country’s distinct status as a place that’s holy for three major religions. Jewelry from Israel mirrors this fact, too. Languages inter-influence each other and interact with their environment. So is fashion; it never lives in a bubble: it gives to and takes from the various elements in the surrounding world. Jewelry from Israel echoes that.

gold jewelry from Israel - diamond studded map
gold jewelry from Israel – diamond studded map

Buy a Gift from Israel

Fortunately, in our day and age, to acquire a gift from a place one doesn’t necessarily have to be in it physically. While visiting Israel is a splendid thing to undertake regardless, sometimes it is far out of reach for that reason or another. If that’s the case yet buying a gift from Israel is still on the cards, the Internet comes to the rescue.

One can easily buy a gift from Israel by navigating to a trusted website (do make sure it says ‘https’ on the left-hand side before the ‘www.’ S is for safety) where they can view the item, contact the shop and purchase their jewelry of choice, all from the comfort of their home. As far as the modern world goes, this is pretty close to what heaven must feel like – comfortable and effortless.

engagement ring jewelry Judaica
engagement ring jewelry Judaica

However, if you have reached the Promised Land and gotten as far as the capital, there is a highly recommended jewelry store in the Old City of Jerusalem where you can buy a gift from Israel, one whose texture and the weight you can feel in your hands before it goes into wrappings.

Gold Jewelry from Israel

Product Name: Unique Diamond Engagement Ring 18K Yellow Gold

Product Description: The unique diamond engagement ring embodies the power of the faith and the strength of the character imbued in the authentic holy Jerusalem stone. This unique jewelry collection is released in a highly-limited edition.

Price: $2,583.00

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

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